Teacher Continuing Education Online offers a unique self-designed course that allows you to improve your instruction, in areas you want to improve on. It seems like all teachers have gone to conferences, or taken courses that give you information that just doesn’t work for you and your classroom, this course is a way that you can improve what you want to.

Finally you get to choose professional development that is really beneficial to you while earning professional development hours. Once you have determined your area of focus, you decide how you will improve that area, and how many hours you want to complete.

For example, if you want to align your assessments to the standards to improve your grading practices, take the time to do that, and collect hours for it. Or, if you want to improve your classroom management, and you found a book that you want to read that gives you better strategies, read it, and collect hours for it. You can do any amount of hours you think it will take for you to complete the professional development.

Here’s the process:

  • TeacherEdOnline.org will send you a syllabus template that you will complete (This syllabus is your direction that you want to go for your professional development.)
  • You will outline the goal, objectives, and what you want to do to complete the work. The template only takes about 10 minutes to complete, Easy!
  • Send your syllabus to Jon@teacheredonline.org or evanne@teacheredonline.org
  • Once you get the approval, start working on your goal individually, track your hours on the time log that is given to you
  • Once you have completed all of your hours, turn in the time log, and complete the post test, which is a quick reflection on what you learned

The self design course is such that you get the most out of your professional development. When all the paperwork is completed, you will receive a form that documents your completion.

“Work at your own pace, on what you want to learn, and receive the compensation that you deserve. Finally, flexible teacher continued education for all that extra time that all educators put in.” – Teacher Continuing Education Online